What Is TableBank?

Implementing and managing community banking programs is hard. Keeping track of depositors, deposits, withdrawals, loans, payments, interest rates, pay off amounts, etc. is time consuming and prone to error. Using pen and paper is bound to fail, and there isn’t a simple, easy to use software solution available, until now. TableBank is the world’s first community banking software program built specifically for non-profits and NGOs. It’s simple, easy to use, and 100% free, forever.

With TableBank You Can

Manage Clients

Easily add and remove community banking members, both as depositors and borrowers. Track all their relevant personal information and upload a picture of their smiling face.

Track Deposits and withdraws

Add deposits and withdraws by depositor in seconds, and see a complete history of all account activity from one simple screen.

Track Loans

Quickly create new loans for borrowers, and set loan terms like interest rate, loan term, due date, payment amounts, late fee rate, etc. Track loan payments, current balances, and payoff amounts with ease.

Know where your program stands

Use TableBank's administrative dashboard to quickly understand your community banking program’s vital stats like total loans outstanding, total number of depositors and borrowers, total interest earned, and quickly see all recent activity within the app, from one simple screen.

Developed with love in Sacramento.

A FullStack Labs and Willow Tree Roots Product

FullStack Labs
FullStack Labs is a an enthusiastic team of skilled developers and business professionals dedicated to building beautiful, easy-to-use web and mobile apps that dramatically improve our client's businesses.
Willow Tree Roots
Willow Tree Roots empowers women in developing nations to socioeconomic independence through entrepreneurship and provides underserved women in these nations with income-generating and business development skills with a goal toward improving their communities as a whole.

TableBank in action

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